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Sweet Pea 'Kissed by Chocolate'


NEW for 2021. Exclusive to Chocolate Flower Farm.


NEW for 2021. Exclusive to Chocolate Flower Farm.

Sweet peas that are kissed by chocolate.  After searching the world for many years to find and grow the most chocolate colored sweet peas we are pleased to offer an exclusive chocolate blend of the best of the best varieties.  Chocolate "flaked" varieties that we have grown have shown to have a fairly wide range of color variations with many leaning more toward reds and pinks in the brushed color rather than maroon and browns so we have hand selected all that were the darker tones we were seeking and created this exclusive seed blend.  The chocolate flake varieties that this blend is created from are: Chocolate Flake (tends to have predominantly reddish streaks rather than chocolate so lots of culls but an occassional one worth saving), Wiltshire Ripple, Raspberry Ripple and Borderline.  Varieties such as Chocolate Streamer were not even worth growing since the color is just red streaks which we found to be common in most varieties promoted as having chocolate coloring.  We now have fixed that problem and created the perfect blend of Kissed by Chocolate Sweet Peas.  Enjoy! Annual. Sun. 12 Seeds.

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