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Our "Essence of Chocolate" line of candles
are a custom blend of waxes, colors and scents made of the finest materials and hand poured to form the most lucious smelling and elegant looking candles anywhere. The selecton of pillar candles in various sizes and shapes are made of "food grade paraffin" and we have a line of Soy blend wax container candles that are both beautiful and naturally clean burning. All our candles have cotton or paper wicks (no Zinc or Lead) and are guaranteed to stimulate your senses of sight and smell. Our newest scent, "Coco Havana" fills the air with an intoxicating combination of smells of Burgamot, Tobacco and Coco. Made with our Soy wax blend and in containers only, this new scent has become an instant big seller in our gift shop. We also now carry a 6 oz. travel tin in both fragrances for those special get-a-ways. In addition to offering our candle collection in our gift shop and online we also welcome wholesale inquiries... email for wholesale information.

We are proud that our Essence of Chocolate candle was selected by and featured in Paula Deen's 2008 Chocolate Celebration Special Issue Magazine.

The Story Behind the Candles...

When we were first planning on opening a specialty nursery and we settled on the chocolate name we had no idea that we would be offering chocolate themed gift items. Two years ago we were told that we "had" to experience the chocolate candle offered by a small company called Northwest Reflections. One look and sniff and we were hooked! Up until this point the idea of chocolate candles only evoked emotions of "why would someone want a sweet smelling candle?" Well, this elegant representation broke all stereotypes and we immediately placed an order so that we had them in our little nursery gift shop when we opened the following Spring ('05). When we moved here to Whidbey everyone in the community was extremely kind so we tended to give the candle as a "thank you". Well, from these thank you gifts one of the candles ended up in the front entry of a local restaurant and a couple in bed and breakfasts. Soon thereafter we began getting swamped with customers clamoring for the candles (forget the plants!) and people were getting upset that we were only open Fri-Sun and demanded more access to get their candle fix. In fact, people would ignore our "closed" sign and insist that they needed to buy some chocolate candles before they left town. We had created a chocolate monster.  Iit had never entered our minds to open a retail shop but demand for the candles forced us to make the decision so we decided to "go-for-it" and within a day found the perfect spot for our shop on First street on the water in Langley. Chocolate Flower Farm ~ The Garden Shed was born.

Since then, the candles have become an integral part of who we are at The Garden Shed and the store would not be the success that it is without them. Meanwhile, the artist that owned Northwest Reflections announced to us that he was over worked making candles and was quitting candle making so that he could blow glass instead. What were we to do without our signature chocolate candles?! So we did what anyone would do ... we panicked and bought the company. We moved all of the equipment into what was formerly a workshop, we were trained in all of the intricacys of making exquisite hand poured and hand fired candles and here we are!

Our next chapter is in sharing the chocolate candle with other retailers and we welcome all wholesale inquiries! We are certain that you will find, as we did, that it will quickly become one of your best-sellers!

P.S. We now are also offering our highly popular Chocolate Garden Seed Kits for wholesale as well. We welcome your inquiries.

Whidbey Pine

The newest introduction of scents we have
 developed, is our exclusive Whidbey Pine.
Perfect for the winter months bringing the feel of a
cool winter day inside. Clean, crisp and elegantly
understated, this new candle is an immediate hit
with our customers at our store. 
Soy wax blend in a 7.5 oz glass container.

Our Soy Blend 7.5oz. Candle

Available in both the "Essence of Chocolate" scent
and our new Coco Havana scent. Coco Havana
combines a unique blend of Chocolate, Bergemot,
and Tobacco to give this candle a soothing and relaxing
fragrance. An extremely popular seller in our store is now
available in our website store. 

Soy Candle in Terracotta Pot
Oh-La-La!  Look what we have created for you! Our
Essence of Chocolate Candle in Soy Wax in aged
terracotta pots. 

Candle Comments
"We love the chocolate candles and have them in our home and wanted to give them to family and some friends this Christmas.  Do you offer discounts on larger orders?
Thanks" ~ H. Burnett, Seattle
"I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my chocolate candle that I ordered from you. Thank you for such a great chocolate fragrant candle!!  Keep making those
wonderful chocolate candles!!!!
~ Donna, Customer
"I have been looking for really good chocolate candles for my store for over three years and have never found anything that didn't have a cheap artificial smell or look.  I almost gave up,
until I saw yours. So I'm looking foward to adding them to my store."
~ Sandra, Botany's Desire,
"I really like the candles.  They are very attractive and the scent is very nice - different from the others I have and almost addictive!"
~ Shirley, Chocolate Sensations,
"The minute I walked in your shop I immediately developed a huge craving for chocolate"
~ Customer
"This is the way the world should always smell"
~ Customer
"This candle scent is so awesome!  It is like a fine gourmet chocolate, not sweet or perfumey"
~ Customer
"If you can't eat it, burn it!"
~ Customer
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