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Comments from our wholesale debut at the Seattle Gift Show:

"You are the 'find' of the show"

"By far the best new products at the show"

"We could smell your booth before we saw it, it drew us in"

"Discovering your products made the trip for us, your candles are absolutely fabulous!"


Chocolate Flower Farm products are made of the highest quality.  Our wholesale program provides retailers an opportunity to offer your customers products that are distinctive, different and delicious. 
We also work with corporations for corporate gifting and promotions.  We were selected to provide the sweepstakes prizes for Quaker Oats for the launch of Life Cereal's new chocolate cereal, our products were featured in Garden Botanika's Valentine's Catalog, and our Essence of Chocolate Candle was selected by Paula Dean's Magazine to be featured in her Chocolate Issue as the finest chocolate candle available.
Customer Quote June 2012 ...

"A note of congratulations to you for making the Martha Stewart Magazine.....we will look forward to seeing you in an upcoming issue and also ask that you please don't forget us little guys when you go national!!!  We love your products and always remember our first meeting at the Seattle Market.  Your enthusiasm and wonderful products drew us in and we have been hooked ever since!!  Thanks for being a special part of our business!!!"

Please email and we will email you our Wholesale Order Form with pricing.
We look forward to delighting you and your customers with our products! 
Nov 20, '12 email from long time customer, Loco for Coco in Greensboro, NC...

Hey Marie - We have had one of your candles burning in our chocolate shop, and it smells so wonderful when you come in the shop.  Thanks for your great products and for working like a little Christmas elf.  Happy Thanksgiving!
- Susan Andrews/Loco for Coco

 About Us

Chocolate Flower Farm is a specialty nursery on Whidbey Island specializing in dark colored plants, seeds and quality chocolate themed products. The chocolate name came from a love of chocolate and the fact that it was the same color as the plants.  Thanks to the name and the unique nature of our nursery we have had a tremendous amount of unsolicited media exposure and have been featured in dozens of magazines and hundreds of newspapers and on TV, including Sunset, Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes & Gardens, HGTV, Horticulture Magazine, Midwest Living Magazine, Seattle Magazine, South Sound Magazine and many more.  This has given us wonderful brand awareness with consumers nationally.  In addition to our nursery we make chocolate candles and chocolate garden seed kits and due to their popularity we opened a store to meet the demand.   In the Fall of '09 we  expanded our product line to include all natural and primarily organic chocolate infused bath and body products and for 2010 we added chocolate infused jam that has been an instant best seller.  All of our products are of the highest quality.  They are unique, they are handmade on the farm, and will add a nice breath of fresh (chocolate) air to your store.  Our motto is that we are too small to be normal...

 Wholesale Products 

Our Signature "Essence of Chocolate" Pillar Candles

Hand-crafted of the highest quality ingredients, our chocolate candles are by far the best chocolate candles that we have found after two years of searching.  We were so impressed with these candles that we purchased the company that created them and we now proudly make them here on our farm.  The proprietary chocolate scent is alluring, and draws people into our store from half a block away.  It is not a sweet candy chocolate scent, but an exquisite, gourmet chocolate scent that wafts from the candle even when it is not being burned.  The elegant mottled chocolate color gets its shine because each candle is individually hand glazed with a torch after it is removed from the hand-poured mold. Our Essence of Chocolate Candle was selected by Paula Dean to be featured in her Chocolate Issue of her magazine as the best chocolate candle ever (they found us, we didn't solicit them).

At this time our pillar candles are only available in the Essence of Chocolate Scent.  We don't require a min purchase of each SKU only a minimum opening order of $150 for the total order.

2" x 4"     Round Pillar    
3" x 4"     Round Pillar    
3" x 6"     Round Pillar    
3" x 4"     Square Pillar    
3" x 6"     Square Pillar    
3" x 4.5"  Oval Pillar        
4" x 4"     Round Pillar    
Votives    unwrapped -or- wrapped in cello bags with our hang tag
Votives    Set of six votives packaged in cello

Soy Wax Candles

We use a premium blend soy wax for all of our container candles.  We currently have three scents:  Essence of Chocolate, Coco Havana (an intoxicating combination of chocolate, Cuban tobacco and bergamot) and Whidbey Pine. We offer our line of soy wax candles in 8 oz glass or 6 oz travel tins.  The glass candles are wrapped in cello and tied with a chocolate ribbon.


Our Coco Havana candle is an amazing blend of chocolate, Cuban tobacco and bergamot. The scent is smooth, earthy, sophisticated and appeals to men as well as women.  We have many addicted customers for this candle, it sells like mad....
Our Whidbey Pine candle is an elegantly scented pine soy candle that we created due to the popularity of the Frasier Fir candle from Thymes that we sold in our shop each Fall and Winter.  When we introduced our Whidbey Pine it out sold the Frasier Fir 10 to 1.  The scent is much subtler than the Frasier Fir and prefered by most customers.  Originally we named it Winter Pine but changed it to Whidbey Pine since customers want to purchase it year-round, not just in the winter.
Our Essence of Chocolate Soy Candle has the same scent as our pillars.  When it burns it looks like melted fudge and smells like chocolate heaven.   

Chocolate Infused Bath & Body Products

Our bath and body products are as organic and natural as possible while maintaining the highest level of quality.  Our products are paraben free (a common preservative in body products that is linked to breast cancer) and sulfate free and Vegan approved.  We test only on our friends, family and customers, never animals.  We use only real chocolate, not synthetic fragrances that are found in most other products.  Your customers will love these products for themselves and as gifts for their chocolate loving friends.

Chocolate infused Pink Himalayan Bath Salts ~ 8 oz & 16 oz 

Pot au Chocolat Body Cream ~ 4.5 oz & 8 oz

Chocolate Massage Lotion ~ 4.5 oz 

Dark Chocolate infused raspberry jam.   Your customers will crave this item. It is a top seller in our store with constant repeat customers.  Very popular for gifts.

6 oz. Jar 

Chocolate mint tea that is heavenly! Known to be addictive.  Like drinking a Frango without any calories!  (Frango for non-NW folk is a sinful chocolate mint).  Caution!  Can be highly addictive!!  Packaged with either 6 or 12 elegant silken sachets in a cellophane bag with our hang tag.

Chocolate Garden Seed Kits

Our extremely popular Chocolate Garden Seed Kits include six packets of chocolate themed plants, planting instructions, and either chocolate mint tea or a votive on the outside of the burlap bag that holds the seed packets.  Our Kid's Chocolate Garden is packaged in a gabled box.  We include a 5" x 7" P.O.P. sign for each kit to illustrate the plants included in each kit.

Here are the kits available:

Kid's Chocolate Garden Seed Kit ~ easy to grow annuals that are engaging, silly, and/or edible flowers

Annual Chocolate Garden Seed Kit ~ the same as the kid's kit but with adult packaging in a burlap bag with tea or votive

Chocolate Garden Favorites ~ Chocolate Flower (smells like chocolate), Chocolate Pincushion Flower (shown in water can in above pic), Frosted Chocolate Viola, Chocolate Sweet William, Chocolate Hollyhock and chocolate sunflower.

We now offer our individual seed packets as part of our wholesale program.  Seeds include:  Chocolate Hollyhock, Chocolate Sunflower, Chocolate Pincushion Flower, Chocolate Flower, Chocolate Nasturtium, Chocolate Viola, Chocolate Painted Tongue, Chocolate Sweet William and more.  The complete list is on our order form.  

Email to request a wholesale order form.

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