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11/25/15 Our live plant shipping is over for the 2015 season

We propagate our plants in small numbers and most usually sell out by summer so it is always good to order early!  In the past we have made our plants available to pre-order online in January and we ship in May.  That is changing .... For the 2016 season we are taking orders for Chocolae Comos so that they can be reserved for you. We grow them from cuttings and they do not ship until they are well rooted into their pots in late Spring (usually mid-May).  Chocolate Cosmos are the only plant that we are doing early reservations/purchases for this coming season.  All other plants that will be available for mail order for the 2016 season will be listed as they become available to ship. We grow our plants from divisions, cuttings and seeds from our gardens.

 Seeds are available on our seed page


    Everyone that sees this in our gardens wants it.  Deep, dark maroon flowers so dark they almost look black.  An heirloom hollyhock that was grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello.  Biennial, 6' tall, Sun.  Zones 3-9. 4" pot

    Not avail this season

    A WOW! plant.  Large black-purple flower heads emerge on the black-purple stocks in mid-summer.  A major bee attraction and a plant that adds drama and elegance to the garden.  Biennial. Zone 4-10.  Sun to Part Shade.  4'-6' tall.   4" pot.

    NEW!  Chocolate Flower Farm exclusive.  This amazing columbine is the most striking, elegant columbine I have ever seen!  It is a sport that appeared on the farm an it must be a cross between our rare Single Black columbine from England and Black Barlow.  It has dramatically dark purple, almost black flower that has very unique multiple flat stacks of petals.  Tall too...our specimen is 3' tall. 


    Seed obtained from England for this exquisite Columbine with an open clematis style flower form in the darkest purple it is very close to black.  Perennial Sun to Shade. Zones 3-9.  24" tall

    I admit it - I love columbines and this is one of my favorites.  A lovely bi-color dark maroon and white it is a standout in the garden.  If you too love columbines, this is a must have. 30" tall, sun to part shade.  Zones 3-9.  4" pot size.

    3.15  Sold out.  Next crop avail in the Fall.

    Unusual maroon-brown flowers over a low mound of ferny light-green foliage with a sweet fragrance.  Excellent for cutting. Zone 3-10. Sun/Part Shade. Height 12".  4" pot size.

    3.15 sold out

    Beautiful dark purple to black Grannies Bonnet old fashioned style columbine that makes a great cut flower.  Sun to part shade.  Zones 3-9. 4" pot

    Sold Out

    This white mugwort cultivar is an erect, clump-forming perennial which typically grows 4-5' tall. Features upright, branched, 12-18", astilbe-like, terminal sprays (loose panicles) of creamy white flowers which bloom atop stiff, dark mahogany stems in late summer. Stems usually do not need staking and make excellent cut flowers. Perennial.  Zones 3-8.  Sun.

    Pure elegance, this lovely Astrantia graces our Neopolitan border and it is stunning! Sun to part-sun, well-drained soil, summer moisture. Very large, lace flower bracts are pure white dipped in green.  Zones 6-10. Grows to 30 inches

    Sold out for 2015 ... always the first to sell out...

    Rare, perhaps even exclusive to us since I have not seen it in commerce.  A very chocolate Baptisia (False Indigo).  I am dividing my clump for the first time and will have a very limited number of divisions to share.  Don't snooze on this one!  4" pot

    Berlandiera lyrata wins the award for the best chocolate smell of all.  A night bloomer, the flowers offer up their cocoa scent in the morning and drop their yellow petals each day.    Zone 4-10. Full Sun. Height 12".   4" pots. 

    Sold Out

    Beautiful large mauve bells bob on stalks that rise up 15" from the 5" tall dark foliage.  This lovely Campanula from Japan is a treasure for it's dark foliage alone but the flower simply captivates all of the visitors to our nursery that see it.  Add to this that it is deer resistant and attracts hummingbirds and how could anyone resist?  Spreads.  Zone 4-9.  4" pot

    Milk Chocolate colored evergreen, low growing grass with a mounding habit.  Nice container plant.  Sun to Part Shade,  16" tall.  Zone 7-10.  Deer resistant.  4" Pot size.

    Sold Out

    Long and narrow, arching foliage with green and cinnamon infused color. Ht. 10-12", spread 24", graceful mounding habit, evergreen, full sun to part sun, prefers well draining soil, Zone 7. 4" pot size


    SOLD OUT for 2015 but 2016 crop is available for pre-purchase...

    As of 10.27.15 we are offering the 2016 crop so that pre-purchases can be made since we always sell out by early Summer.  Chocolate Cosmos purchased now will ship in May once they are fully rooted since we grow our Chocolate Cosmos from cuttings. The early bird gets the chocolate!

    Chocolate Cosmos have swept the gardening world by storm in recent years. Plants form a medium-sized clump of dark green leaves, bearing cup-shaped blooms of deep burgundy-red, with the distinctive fragrance of dark chocolate.  They bloom until frost and make a fabulous cut flower.  Clumps get larger each year. Sun. Well drained soil. Hardy to 20 degrees but can be lifted and stored like a dahlia for the winter. Growing in pots and moving the pots into a garage for the winter works well too.


    SOLD OUT for 2015.

    As of 10.27.15 we are offering the 2016 crop so that pre-purchases can be made since we always sell out by early Summer.  Chocolate Cosmos purchased now will ship in May once they are fully rooted since we grow our Chocolate Cosmos from cuttings. The early bird gets the chocolate!

    Special price for purchasing three 

    Chocolate Cosmos have swept the gardening world by storm in recent years. Plants form a medium-sized clump of dark green leaves, bearing cup-shaped blooms of deep burgundy-red, with the distinctive fragrance of dark chocolate.  They bloom until frost and make a fabuous cut flower.  Clumps get larger each year. Sun. Well drained soil. Hardy to 20 degrees but can be lifted and stored like a dahlia for the winter. Growing in pots and moving the pots into a garage for the winter works well too.


    sold out

    Both ornamental and culinary, this sweet corn is as fun to look at as it is to eat!  Dark maroon stalks make a lovely statement in the garden and the ears are maroon (chocolate :-) as well...    shipped in 2" pots.

    Seed available on our seed page and also as part of our edible chocolate garden seed kit

    Not avail for 2015

    A new and very FUN species of Cuphea (Cigar Plant).  Minnie Mouse is the darling of our garden and delights visiting children and adults alike with her set of chocolate ears.  3'x3' multi-branching shrublike perennial for zones 9-11 but it grows quickly in one season so we treat it like an annual here in our zone 8 climate or have it in a pot (where it will grow more like 18 - 24" tall) and winter it over in an unheated greenhouse.  It was one of our most "engaging" plants last season here at the nursery and made everyone smile.  Isn't that what gardening is about?  Filtered shade to part sun.

    6.1.15 Sold Out

    The perfect addition to your chocolate garden...Chocolate Sundae is a minature dahlia perfect for pots, beds and borders.  A dark maroon flower with a yellow center.  Very lovely!  18" tall.  Perennial (tuber can be lifted and stored for the winter in colder zones).  Sun lover. 

    Not available in 2015

    NEW!!  Dark red almost black with dark stem and dark foliage.  The latest addition to the Karma series from Holland, this attention getting beauty is a garden standout.  It was originally raised for the cut-flower trade, which accounts for its large, prolific and long-lasting flowers and very strong stems.  No staking required.  36" tall with 5" bloom.   

    Sold Out

    Ooh-la-la!  We did it!  We finally found a source for this very special and very rare black daphne.  We obtained our specimen from Heronswood in 2005 just before they were closed down and our specimen has been too precious to take cuttings from so we are thrilled to have a supplier that can provide them to us.  Semi-evergreen. Unusual purple-black foliage. Purple flowers in late spring. Lightly scented. Likes full sun. Hardy to 0°F.

    Crop Failure - will try again...

    Now you can have your Delphiniums in chocolate!  Last season we grew 350 of the English Delphiniums called 'Dark Shades' to see them all in bloom (now this year they changed the name of 'Dark Shades' to 'Chocolate').  We harvested seed from those that were white with subtle brushes of chocolate for our "Chocolate Delphinium Breeding Project".  It will take many years to get them to be consistantly chocolate but we much prefer the elegant white with gentle brushes of chocolate over the inky black colorations produced on the majority of the 'Black Shades' (now known as 'Chocolate')... thus we have named our strain 'Kissed by Chocolate'...

    These English Delphiniums are taller, sturdier and more disease resistant than the more common Pacific Giants.  6'-8' tall.  Sun to sun/pt shade.  Zones 3-10.  4" pots

    Chocolate Sweet William ... one of my favorite chocolate flowers and one of the reasons I decided to focus on maroon colored plants.  A wonderful biennial that makes an excellent, long lasting cut flower.  2' tall, sun, Zones 4-10. Pot size 4"

    Not available for 2015

    For the serious collector ~ This rare South African beauty grows to 3-5 feet tall. Wands of bell-like flowers arching over grassy foliage wave gracefully in the slightest summer breeze.  'Cosmos' is a new variety and the darkest flower form offered in Dieramas.  A slow grower, it will generally flower in its third or fourth year. It thrives in full sun and moist, well-draining soil. Zones 7-10.   We obtained the seed from England and this crop is this year's seedlings so they must be protected from frost this winter.

    Sold Out

    This very rare and beautiful foxglove produces long racemes of orchidlike flowers that are white with chocolate-yellow markings. Performs well in sun or shade. Grows to 3 feet tall. A biennial or short-lived perennial. Winter hardy to zone 5.  4" pot

    Sold Out

    Another sun loving perennial foxglove from the Mediterranean.  Lovely brownish, orangish, yellowish tones on spires above an evergreen clump of willowy leaves that resemble penstemon more than foxglove.  Much sought after by the horti-cultural set and hard to find.  From seed we obtained from England.  Sun, 18" tall, drought tolerant,  zones 4-10.

    Sold Out

    This is a rare and truly perennial species of Foxglove, native to northern Spain. Plants form a rosette of dark green leaves, bearing tightly packed stems of unusual rusty-red to brown flowers in early summer. Zone 4-9.  Full Sun.  18"-24" tall.  4" pot



    From our former neighbor nursery, Heronswood, comes this dramatic selection of Fairy Bells.  Bamboo-like stems emerge dark purple sheathed at each node with golden-tan papery bracts.  Makes a 4-5 ft. tall evergreen clump with small white flowers followed by shiny black berries.  Part Shade.  Zone 5.  4" size.  Very limited number to share...

    Sold Out

    Half-hardy annual climber.  A fascinating combination of fragrant, sweet pea-like bicoloured pink flowers and dark purple to brown large seed pods, against deep green and purple/brown foliage. Wonderful summer annual for fences, trellis and arches.  Loves HOT sun!  Perennial in Zones 9-11, an annual elsewhere.  Do not put outside until last frost date. 4" pot size


    Sold Out


    Common name ~ Pineapple Lily.  Another personal favorite!  This amazing plant has thick fleshy broadly linear leaves in spear-like rosette with a pineapple-like array of pinkish-white flowers in late summer. Oakhurst is a strong maroon-purple form and has a real impact in the garden. Clump grows to 24" with flower stalk to 36".  Sun.  Zones 7-10. 

    Mail order size sold out - larger sizes available on site

    Tall, sturdy, green stems with red blotches bear ovate, lanceolate leaves. In summer, loose bi-level corymbs of rayless pink/purple flowers form in bud clusters that are colorful for weeks before opening, and are long-blooming afterward.  This gets big...ours is about 7 feet tall and 4 feet in diameter.  Perennial.  Sun. Hardy to Zone 5.

    Sold Out

    Very attractive, dark bronzy-brown leaves with an autumn display of fuzzy white flower clusters.  Useful in shady situations and will even tolerate dry shade under deciduous trees once plants are established. Both the foliage and flowers are useful for cutting. Attractive to butterflies. Not attractive to deer or rabbits.  Zone 5-9. Sun/Part Shade/Full Shade.  35"-47" tall, 29"-35" spread.  4" size pots

    Sold Out

    Lovely chocolate foliage with a tidy, low mounding habit and delicate pink flowers make this hardy geranium a must have.  It prefers partial shade with average moisture, and is unfazed by deer, bunnies or other pests, as well as heat, humidity and dry soil. Blooms June-July. Size: 16" high x 18" wide; hardy to zone 4.  4" Pot size.

    Sold Out

    This exceptionally good new selection of the Mourning Widow is valued for its display of medium-sized leaves, each boldly splashed with purple-black against a green background. The tiny, nodding maroon-purple flowers are darling, appearing in late spring. A sure winner in shade or sun, in the garden or in containers. Prefers a rich, moist soil. Excellent choice for a woodland garden.  Zone 4-9.  Full Sun/Part Shade/Full Shade.  24-31" tall, 24-28" spread. 4" pot

    A personal favorite! It forms a broad mound of deeply lobed green leaves heavily marked with chocolate. Tiny near-white flowers appear in spring then occasionally through the summer ~ delicate and lovely!  Zones 3-9.  Full Sun/Part Shade.  12-16" tall, 18-24" spread.  4" pot

    A gorgeous form of golden Japanese forest grass with arching graceful foliage more upright and spiky then the type. The reddish inflorescence in the fall adds color and grace. 5" tall, Morning sun to part shade, Zones 6-9. 

    Sold out

    Oh the luscious beauty of it!  And so rare...  We finally have been able to build up enough limited supply to share this season so enjoy!  2 fans


    sold out

    Lovely chocolate Huechera.  Shade to part sun. 4" pot


    Too large to ship - available on site

    One of the darkest Heucheras.  Shade to part sun. 4"pot


    Not avail this season.  I have made a couple of divisions of my treasured plant to offer as prizes for a future email newsletter contest so make sure you are signed up to get the newsletter.  Also, tell your friends...

    Like a little black dress for the garden, these elegant, fragrant flowers are a very dark purple bordering on black.  When ours blooms everyone must have it. 

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